PTS 033 – Travis Mortz

Travis Mortz runs the Forest Hill Film Lab in the mountains of Northern California. He develops and scans film for clients from across the country and beyond.

We talk about the reasons for shooting film, developing options, negative scanning and the life of an analog shooter in general.

Travis also collects cameras and sources them for other people. He explains what to look for when checking out cameras at a swap meet.

Check out Travis’ YouTube channel, where he talks about all things film.

PTS 032 – Shift School

Kristin Dittrich with Gerhard Steidl

Kristin Dittrich founded the Shift School of Contemporary Photography at Dresden, Germany in 2014. She also established the largest library of Gerhard Steidl books in Europe and uses this photographic treasure in her courses. In this interview she explains what the school is trying to achieve and what students can expect to learn.


Gerhard Steidl
Jürgen Teller
Nobuyoshi Araki
Josef Koudelka
Bernd and Hilla Becher
Pavel Banka
Andrea Grützner
Hans Hansen
Götz Diergarten
Josef Schulz
JH Engström
Ivan Pinkava
Hans-Christian Schink
Melinda Gibson
Dougie Wallace

PTS 031 – Lena Kunz

Seated on a blanket in a Berlin park, Lena Kunz and I talk about social documentary photography and her own projects, such as Highrise and Emely, the story of a woman taking care of an artificial baby.

Lena explains how she would start a documentary project, make contacts and find people to photograph. And she talks about the reality of commercial work and assisting other photographers.

PTS 030 – Victoria Salomonsen

I love interviewing young photographers. It’s refreshing to see how they approach the craft. Victoria doesn’t know the name or focal length of the lens on her camera, but you look at her photos and you realize she doesn’t need to. She’s got it figured out.

“It” being the very thing that makes photographs interesting. A certain type of edginess and a closeness with her subjects. In other words: good content.

Victoria is a student at the Fatamorgana photography school in Copenhagen, Denmark.

PTS 027 – Joey Holdren

Joey Holdren is an American photographer currently living in Oslo, Norway. We talked about Joey’s first book, which is being edited right now and slated for publishing in August this year. We also addressed film photography, our working styles and shooting in Oslo. Later, Joey relates a story about meeting Bruce Gilden back in New York, which paints a somewhat different picture of the controversial photographer.

PTS 025 – Blake Andrews

Blake is old-school. He shoots black-and-white film with simple cameras. He develops and prints his own pictures. He hasn’t used Skype since his last interview there, three years ago.
And then he meets me. A clash of sorts. His happy accident-based style of shooting, my “I’m gonna figure this out in my head” approach.
But there are similarities, too. We both like instant film. And we agree that after everything is said and done, it’s all about the photos.

PTS 024 – Finn Hopson

Finn Hopson

There aren’t many photographers who sell their prints. Finn Hopson is one of the few that do. He owns and runs a gallery at the seafront in Brighton, England, where he sells his own landscape photos, taken in and around the city. Naturally, I wanted to know what it’s like to make a living from selling prints and what he has learned along the way. This is easily one of the most insightful conversations I had on the topic of selling your own work.