PTS 019 – Laura Pannack

Laura Pannack

Phoning in from her kitchen, cooking dinner for her carpenter,
Laura Pannack talks with eloquence about her life as a photographer, her personal projects, working with strangers and what drives her work as well as her sources of inspiration. It’s difficult not to get inspired by this energetic and accomplished young talent, even though the contact high you get from being exposed to her stressful life for an hour is strong enough to cause heart palpitations.


PTS 018 – Eric Kim Redux

Eric Kim

After two years roaming the world and a short hiatus from his online presence, Eric Kim comes back on the show to talk about how things have changed for him. We chat about new personal projects and how to start working on them. Then we venture into the meaning of favorites and comments, or the lack thereof, followed by conversation about the future of photo sharing and what Instagram is up to. We also touch on photography books and the advantages of zines. Other topics included the Fuji X70, black and white vs color photography, Bauhaus design aesthetics and Eric’s upcoming trip to Vietnam.

Other photographers mentioned:

Peter Zhang
Paris Visone – family project

PTS 017 – Bryan Formhals

Bryan Formhals

In this episode photographer and LPV show host Bryan Formhals and I take a meta look at the world of documentary photography. Bryan gives his views on the status quo, the people who shape the scene and what he thinks should change. We also talk about making money with photography, pushing yourself to make better pictures and becoming a better editor.

Bryan’s presentation at SVA.

Other people mentioned:

Richard Bram
Tom Starkweather
Ola Bilmont
Ken Schles
Blake Andrews
Larry Fink
Andy Adams
Stephen Mayes
Daniel Arnold
Hin Chua
Michael David Murphy
Daisuke Yokota
Jessica Eaton
Robert Adams

PTS 016 – Paris Visone

Paris Visone

Paris is a very young, highly talented social documentary and music photographer from the US. She is best known for the personal pictures of her family, a project she says will go on for the rest of her life. She also shoots for a living, often on tour with bands and often backstage, where she captures the reality of the lives of musicians.


PTS 015 – David Carol

David Carol

Lying on his couch and sounding like Garry Winogrand, David talks about his photography, his books and the world at large. It would be difficult to sum up this conversation, so I won’t even try. Go listen for yourself. And have fun!

Other photographers mentioned:

Ken Schles
Charlie Kirk
Jason Eskenazi
Lisette Model
Garry Winogrand (youtube)
Stephen Shore
Joni Sternbach
Paris Visone
Robert Larson
Sylvia de Swaan
Stella Johnson
Ben Lowy
Jay Maisel

PTS 013 – Manu Mart

Manu Mart

Today’s episode comes from Madrid, Spain, where I’m meeting with Manu Mart, a member of Calle 35, a Spanish street photography collective. Manu explains why many people in Spain dislike being photographed in public. He introduces some of the big names in Spanish street photography and provides tips on where to shoot.

Photographers mentioned:

Martin Molinero
Luis Camacho

PTS 012 – Olly Lang

Olly Lang

Phones have matured to being very usable pocket cameras and undoubtedly this growth process is going to continue. As a result, over the past years a new photographic genre has made its way into the mainstream – mobile photography. In this episode Olly Lang, a very active mobile photographer, talks about what he has learned and now teaches about getting the most out of your phone’s camera.


PTS 011 – Hin Chua

Hin Chua

With years of street photography under his belt, Hin moved on to another form of photographic art. We are discussing his transition and the reasons for it. We also talk about the role of travel and finding good scenes, the importance of leaving room for interpretation in your images and our mutual love for South Korea. Later, in a classic rant, Alec Soth becomes a topic of controversial conversation.

Hin’s website