PTS 013 – Manu Mart

Manu Mart

Today’s episode comes from Madrid, Spain, where I’m meeting with Manu Mart, a member of Calle 35, a Spanish street photography collective. Manu explains why many people in Spain dislike being photographed in public. He introduces some of the big names in Spanish street photography and provides tips on where to shoot.

Photographers mentioned:

Martin Molinero
Luis Camacho

PTS 012 – Olly Lang

Olly Lang

Phones have matured to being very usable pocket cameras and undoubtedly this growth process is going to continue. As a result, over the past years a new photographic genre has made its way into the mainstream – mobile photography. In this episode Olly Lang, a very active mobile photographer, talks about what he has learned and now teaches about getting the most out of your phone’s camera.


PTS 011 – Hin Chua

Hin Chua

With years of street photography under his belt, Hin moved on to another form of photographic art. We are discussing his transition and the reasons for it. We also talk about the role of travel and finding good scenes, the importance of leaving room for interpretation in your images and our mutual love for South Korea. Later, in a classic rant, Alec Soth becomes a topic of controversial conversation.

Hin’s website

PTS 008 – Bellamy Hunt

Bellamy Hunt

As “Japan Camera Hunter” Bellamy sources and sells cameras in Tokyo and ships them to clients all over the world. In this fun conversation we talk about living in Japan, the Japanese photography scene and shooting street photography there. Bellamy goes into detail about his job and explains why he specializes in film cameras. We discuss the future of film photography in general and which film stocks are likely to survive over the long term. Bellamy also shares his thoughts on which camera to get if you are starting out in film photography.

PTS 007 – Robert Larson

Robert Larson

Personal long-term projects are Robert’s strong suit. After documenting his grandparents’ final years, he began traveling to Haiti following the big earthquake. He also portrayed his job and coworkers at an upscale LA restaurant. Images from this project were eventually published by the International New York Times. I talked to Robert about inspiration and tenacity, the aftermath of disturbing projects, the joy of simple gear and balancing life with his photographic passion.

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PTS 005 – Rinzi Ruiz


Rinzi and I talk about overcoming subject fatigue, the famous Rinzi style and how it came about, preparing a photo trip, the perfect street shooting camera, appearing benevolent and adjusting your energy, the importance of facial expression and, of course, the ultimate zen experience.

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