PTS 003 – Ibarionex Perello

Ibarionex Perello

Ibarionex is the host of the Candid Frame photography podcast. He is also a street photography enthusiast. In this episode we talk about the merits of street photography and what it’s for, the elements of a good layered photograph and why it’s so important to practice talking to strangers.

The Candid Frame Podcast 

PTS 002 – Daniel Schaefer

Daniel Schaefer

Daniel was a social media consultant at Leica, Los Angeles. He used to shoot in the streets of LA and recently moved to NYC. He has a particular knack for portraits. His strength is engaging strangers as well as people he knows. We talk about film versus digital, the advantages of medium format, shooting Leicas, working on projects and many other things.

Find Daniel’s work at

PTS 001 – Richard Bram

Richard Bram

Today’s guest is Richard Bram, calling in from New York City, where he lives and works. We talk about his transition from black/white photography to color, the makings of a good street photo, the importance of good critiques and much more.

Find Richard’s work on his website at or¬†