3 Replies to “PTS 010 – Marie Laigneau”

  1. Acompanho o trabalho de Marie Laigneau há mais de um ano e adoro ver suas fotos em preto de branco. Ela é uma excelente profissional.

    I follow the work of Marie Laigneau for over a year and love seeing their pictures in black in white. She is an excellent professional.

  2. Just came across your site today and loving the interviews. Please do keep them coming, I’m learning a huge amount about street photography from these conversations.
    Keep up the great work, thanks!

  3. I’ve read and seen many of HCB’s interviews, and he never appeared to me as pretentious. The way she said it, she sounded like the pretentious one . He was a very quiet and a discrete person, in his life and in his work, to me that doesn’t reflect any pretentiousness.

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