PTS 015 – David Carol

David Carol

Lying on his couch and sounding like Garry Winogrand, David talks about his photography, his books and the world at large. It would be difficult to sum up this conversation, so I won’t even try. Go listen for yourself. And have fun!

Other photographers mentioned:

Ken Schles
Charlie Kirk
Jason Eskenazi
Lisette Model
Garry Winogrand (youtube)
Stephen Shore
Joni Sternbach
Paris Visone
Robert Larson
Sylvia de Swaan
Stella Johnson
Ben Lowy
Jay Maisel

4 Replies to “PTS 015 – David Carol”

  1. Oh man, at first I was thinking… this is one of the best interviews I’ve heard, and then around the 50 minute mark I became sure of it! I was hopping Michael would interview you at some point… the two of you created one hell of an hour to be well spent.

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