PTS 032 – Shift School

Kristin Dittrich with Gerhard Steidl

Kristin Dittrich founded the Shift School of Contemporary Photography at Dresden, Germany in 2014. She also established the largest library of Gerhard Steidl books in Europe and uses this photographic treasure in her courses. In this interview she explains what the school is trying to achieve and what students can expect to learn.


Gerhard Steidl
Jürgen Teller
Nobuyoshi Araki
Josef Koudelka
Bernd and Hilla Becher
Pavel Banka
Andrea Grützner
Hans Hansen
Götz Diergarten
Josef Schulz
JH Engström
Ivan Pinkava
Hans-Christian Schink
Melinda Gibson
Dougie Wallace

PTS 030 – Victoria Salomonsen

I love interviewing young photographers. It’s refreshing to see how they approach the craft. Victoria doesn’t know the name or focal length of the lens on her camera, but you look at her photos and you realize she doesn’t need to. She’s got it figured out.

“It” being the very thing that makes photographs interesting. A certain type of edginess and a closeness with her subjects. In other words: good content.

Victoria is a student at the Fatamorgana photography school in Copenhagen, Denmark.

PTS 019 – Laura Pannack

Laura Pannack

Phoning in from her kitchen, cooking dinner for her carpenter,
Laura Pannack talks with eloquence about her life as a photographer, her personal projects, working with strangers and what drives her work as well as her sources of inspiration. It’s difficult not to get inspired by this energetic and accomplished young talent, even though the contact high you get from being exposed to her stressful life for an hour is strong enough to cause heart palpitations.


PTS 017 – Bryan Formhals

Bryan Formhals

In this episode photographer and LPV show host Bryan Formhals and I take a meta look at the world of documentary photography. Bryan gives his views on the status quo, the people who shape the scene and what he thinks should change. We also talk about making money with photography, pushing yourself to make better pictures and becoming a better editor.

Bryan’s presentation at SVA.

Other people mentioned:

Richard Bram
Tom Starkweather
Ola Bilmont
Ken Schles
Blake Andrews
Larry Fink
Andy Adams
Stephen Mayes
Daniel Arnold
Hin Chua
Michael David Murphy
Daisuke Yokota
Jessica Eaton
Robert Adams